Colour Assessment CabinetColour Assessment Cabinet

Colour Assessment Cabinet

Colour assessment cabinets (also known as illumination test cabinets) are used for the inspection and colour matching of inks, paints, plastics, cosmetics, textiles, knitwear, leather, food, paper, colourants, and other coloured materials.  Available in 3 different light combination variations

All Ascott Color Assessment Cabinets conform to ISO 3668, ISO 13076,ASTM D 1729

Ref: Colour Assessment Cabinets

Colour Assessment Cabinet - Ref: Colour Assessment Cabinets


Accessories available

Delivery 1-2 weeks

Light Sources as follows:

  • D65 - International-standard Artificial Daylight
  • TL84 - Applicable to stores in Europe, Japan and China
  • CWF- Cool White Fluorescent
  • F/A - Comparison referential light source,  Applicable to family/hotel
  • U/V - Ultraviolet light source
  • U30 - Warm White Fluorescent
The light gray non-reflective surface ensures that no light is reflected from the surface during colour matching

  • Time running display for each light source
  • Auto conversion between light sources; different spectrum with the same colour
  • No warm-up and no flicker for quick and reliable assessment of sample
  • Low power-consumption
  • No heat emission
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Weight 35kg
  • Dimensions 710 x 530 x 570 mm

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