Precise Computer Colourimeter

Digital Colourimeter available with Single 8mm or Dual 4mm/8mm Apertures

Ref: Colorimeter

Precise Computer Colourimeter - Ref: Colorimeter


Accessories available

Delivery 1-2 weeks

This Precise Computer Colourimeter uses multi-channel colour sensors, a stable platform and efficient and accurate algorithms to provide accurate and fast colour management and application. Designed with ergonomic operation in mind.

  • Auto White and Black Calibration at Start-up (only for T01-700902) ,
  • Ergonomic Design, Simple Operation Interface,
  • Average fluctuation of △E is less than 0.06,
  • Camera locating for small areas.
  • Min width of locating 4mm (only for T01-700902),
  • Illumination locating,Rechargeable Li-ion battery
◆ More Measurement Modes (Only for T01-700902) ★ Two measuring apertures for more circumstances. ★ Five colour spaces for more colour schemes selection. ★ Three light sources for more circumstances. ★ SCI & SCE measurement mode.

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