Testex Replica Gauge

Testex Replica Gauge

Relevant Standards: ISO 8503-5; ASTM D4417 and NACE SP0287

Ref: T01-30370

Testex Gauge - Ref: T01-30370


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A unique replica technique and a snap gauge enable accurate, blast-cleaned surface profile measurements. Testex Replica Tape makes Surface replicas easy to obtain and produces average maximum peak-to-valley readings that ensure optimum blasting effectiveness. Replicas can be retained for future needs.

  • Relevant Standards: ISO 8503-5; ASTM D4417 and NACE SP0287
  • Replica Tape Gauge accuracy: ±1%FSD
  • Temperature: Produces accurate replicas on surface temperatures of -10 to +65°C
  • Storage: Do not expose the Testex Replica Tape to any extremes of temperature or daylight
  • Shelf Life: The replica foam has no expiry date - the only degeneration is the adhesive on the Tape we would recommend that the Tape is used within a 12-month period from date of purchase
  • The Replica Tape Gauge is supplied in an industrial foam-filled Carrying Case with Testex Replica Tapes Coarse and X Coarse and a Burnishing Tool

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