Cone and Plate ViscometerCone and Plate Viscometer

Cone and Plate Viscometer

Our range of Cone and Plate Viscometers are designed in compliance with ISO 2884, ASTM D4287 and BS3900-A7, and offer from 10,000S (BS/ISO Requirements) or to 12,000S (ASTM Requirements) shear rates

Ref: Cone&Plate Viscometer

Cone and Plate Viscometer - Ref: Cone&Plate Viscometer


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The Cone and Plate Viscometer is used to test the dynamic viscosity for non-Newtonian fluids, (paint and surface coatings), and is also used to reflect the real-life representation of typical changes of paint when applied with a roller, brush or spray gun under high shear rates. To select a suitable Cone and Plate Viscometer:

  1. Identify speed or shear rate required
  2. Select the required viscosity range
  3. Select the required temperature range
For further technical information download the data sheet T01-700330  400RPM T01-700331  750RPM T01-700332  900RPM T01-700333  5-1000RPM

  • Large 7-inch HD screen
  • Powerful interface with intuitive menu icons
  • Interchangeable cones
  • Choice of shear rate-Standard speeds include 750 and 900 rpm to provide shear rate at 10000 sec-1
  • Small sample amount required (< 1 mL)
  • Built-in PT100 temperature probe
  • ARM chip processor and Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Supplied with heating and temperature control system from -1°C to150°C or 5°C to 150°C (dependent on model ordered)
  • Variety of viscosity units and auto switching between dynamic and kinematic viscosity
  • Calibration by user: temperature and correction factor protected by password

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