Adhesion TesterAdhesion Tester

Adhesion Tester

The Adhesion Tester will measure the adhesion bond strength of applied coatings on flat and curved surfaces by the tensile pull on a Dolly glued to the coating. Available with standard or right angle dolly connections

Compliant to ISO 4624, ISO 16276-1 and ASTM D4541.

Ref: Hydraulic Adhesion Testers

Adhesion Tester - Ref: Hydraulic Adhesion Testers


Accessories available

Delivery 3-4 working days

Adhesion Tester - Available in two models:

  • T01-01000 -  Standard 0–3500psi (0–25MPa)
  • T01-01005 - Right Angle 0–3500psi (0–25MPa)
for testing the adhesion of coatings inside pipes with a minimum diameter of 150mm (6”). Supplied in an industrial Carrying Case with 5 Flat Dollies, Turbo Fuse Adhesive, Dolly Cutter, Heated Dolly Remover, Dolly Cleaning Tool, Dolly Plug.  The Calibration Certificate with traceability to UKAS is an optional extra.

The adhesion is measured by the tensile pull on a Dolly glued to the coating surface.  The force is applied through the centre of the Dolly by a hydraulically loaded pin.  This ensures an exactly central point-loading of the force.

The maximum value achieved at pull-off is recorded by a reset needle that is easily read on the large scale of the pressure gauge.

Gauge accuracy ±1%FSD.

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