Intelligent GlossmeterIntelligent Glossmeter

Intelligent Glossmeter

Versatile glossmeters which can be used to measure the gloss of coating materials

Available in three models Standard, Dual and Tri Gloss, see below for ordering

In accordance with  ISO 2813, ISO 7668, ASTM D 523, ASTM D 2457, ASTM C 584, DIN 67530, BS 3900 D5 etc

Ref: Intelligent Gloss Meter

Intelligent Glossmeter - Ref: Intelligent Gloss Meter


Delivery 1-2 weeks

Intelligent Glossmeter which can be used to measure the gloss of coating materials such as coatings and inks, but also to measure the surfaces of stone, ceramic tiles, profiles, paper, wood, plastics, films and metals Available in three models Standard, Dual and Tri

  • Starting-up self-diagnosis
  • Scroll wheels fitted for ease of use, enables the user to enter the different operation menus quickly.
  • Menu options presetting: Angle mode, standby time, the size of measuring group, etc.
  • Large capacity memory Up to 10,000 measured data or 999 groups of data can be stored.
  • For dual and tri- models, multi angle measurements can be taken and displayed at the same time with just one-key operation.
  • Parameters can be displayed directly, such as the current measurement frequency, the current values measured and the averages of the group respectively.
  • Eight languages including English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian can be selected as the display language.
  • Intelligent Glossmeter  can not only measure the gloss value, but also measure the haze equivalent to ASTM D 4039 (suitable for dual and tri models).
  • Instant deletion of invalid measurement: Press and hold on the measuring key (for about 2 seconds) to delete the last measurement data
T01-21014 T01-21014 T01-21004

  • Prompts for operation: The meter is provided with functions such as prompt for storage full, self-diagnosis error and low battery. With the cable accessory, the meter can be connected to a computer conveniently.
  • Bluetooth connection is provided for easy connection between the meter and a computer or the mobile device, not only extending functions, but also implementing intelligent measurement operation and production automation.
  • The gloss data processing software (Windows version) is provided for free. With the software, users can preset parameters of the meter easily. Meanwhile, measured data stored in the meter can be uploaded to a computer for storage and processing, etc.
  • Free mobile software (Android version): With the software, the meter can be operated cooperatively with the mobile for online measurement, setting and data uploading, etc.
  • A single AA (LR6) battery, either alkaline or rechargeable battery is used for power supply. It has the features of low energy consumption, easy battery replacement, convenient carrying and mailing.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Supplied as standard with calibration certificate.

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