Opacity MeterOpacity Meter

Opacity Meter/ Intelligent Reflectometer

This opacity meter is used to measure the opacity, or luminous reflectance, of a grey scale. Suitable for the evaluation of a coatings hiding power, or simple shade sorting tasks of metallized films, anodised aluminium, or ceramics. It can calculate the contrast ratio (opacity) and store it.

Complies with ISO 2814,ISO 3906 , ISO 6504,BS 3900 and DIN 55984.

Ref: T01-60818

Opacity Meter/ Intelligent Reflectometer - Ref: T01-60818


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The Opacity Meter/Intelligent Reflectometer offers many functions and data storage/recall options. It is used to measure the opacity, or luminous reflectance of a grey scale, the contrast ratio can be measured, stored and recalled as required Opacity (also referred to as Hiding Power) is defined as the ability of a coating to prevent the transmission of light

  • Relevant Standards: ISO 2814,ISO 3906 , ISO 6504,BS 3900 and DIN 55984
  • Working Angle:45°(irradiate,0°(receive;CIE Illuminant C
  • Range of Measurement:0-99.9%
  • Resolution:0.1%
  • Accuracy:±1 unit or 1% of full scale
  • Repeatability:≤ 0.5
  • Power Supply:One 1.5V alkaline battery o
  • Window Size: 12mm×17mm (ellipse)
  • Size:114mm×32mm×64mm
  • Weight:180g
  • Testing Environment:10℃~40℃, (relative humidity should not be over 85)
  • Small and light, easily portable.
  • No need to warm up and can work immediately after powering on.
  • Calibrates automatically
  • With USB interface and software for transmitting data
  • One 1.5V alkaline Battery can be used for almost 60 hours and 100,000 reading
  • Long-term stable light source n
  • With simple test mode and Statistics-Mode
  • Calculates the reflectance value automatically

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