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Humidity Chamber (H Series)

H500 & H1000 Humidity cabinets meet the requirements of basic, continuous condensation humidity tests conducted at a single temperature and temperature cycling tests such as DIN50017,
ISO 6270-1, VDA 621-421, ASTM D4585, ASTM D2247 and BS3900 and similar international test standards.

Ref: H500 / H1000

Humidity Chamber (H Series) - Ref: H500 / H1000


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Available in 2 sizes 500L or 1000L with a range of accessories available, For ISO 6270-1 Ascotts Cleveland Roof ACC48 is required

  • Precise temperature controlled high humidity environment - Water held in a sump located in the cabinet base is heated by an immersion heater to generate water vapour,
  • As water vapour evaporates it saturates the cabinet atmosphere with moisture. Test samples in the cabinet below the dew-point temperature of the saturated air will develop surface condensation,
  • By careful design the high humidity environment is achieved without the need for a circulation fan which would otherwise have to endure the hostile; high humidity environment
  • Safety cut-outs ensure the immersion heater is automatically isolated if the water reservoir runs dry
  • User can program either a single set temperature; or automatically cycle the cabinet temperature between two different temperatures for user defined periods of time
  • Automatic filling and topping up of the humidity water reservoir if connected to a pressurised water supply

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