Ascott Kesternich ChamberAscott Kesternich Chamber

Kesternich Chamber

The Kesternich test is a cyclic corrosion test involving condensation humidity and the introduction of sulphur dioxide gas (SO2). A specific volume of SO2 gas, usually 0.2L, 1L or 2L is introduced into the test chamber, the chamber temperature is increased to a predetermined level and the relative humidity is maintained at condensation levels.

Fully complies with the following standards,

ASTM D2247; ISO 11503; NFT 30-077; NFT 30-055; ASTM G87; BS3900/F9; ISO 6270-2 CH; EN ISO 6988; SFW 2;0;S; ISO EN 1096 B; ISO 22479; DIN 50017 KK & KTW; ISO 3231; DIN 50018; VDA 621-421; ISO EN 1096 C

Ref: KH300

Kesternich Chamber - Ref: KH300

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Fully Automatic, electronic SO2 Gas Dosing 300L Test Chamber.

  • SO2/Humidity mode
  • Condensation Humidity mode
  • Air Flushing mode
  • Fully automated electronic gas dosing system
  • Hermetically sealed chamber
  • Automatic air purge function with canopy interlock
  • Pneumatic canopy control
  • Automatic drain and exhaust system
  • User friendly control system
  • Digital precision temperature control
  • Temperature graphical display
  • Interior viewing window with illumination
  • Ethernet communication port
  • Also available as a table-top version

Ascott Kesternich Chamber