Salt Spray Chamber For Long Term Tests (SP Series)

Salt Spray Chamber For Long Term Tests
Designed for the modern test laboratory, who want affordable equipment that is easy to install, simple to operate and reliable in service.

Ref: SP500 / SP1000

Salt Spray Chamber For Long Term Tests (SP Series) - Ref: SP500 / SP1000


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Alpha+ SP500 & SP1000 are designed specifically for long-term tests over 240 hours duration. The chamber is heated by externally mounted heater mats; protecting them against damage from the corrosive climate inside the cabinet; also ensuring uniform heat distribution inside the cabinet, Chamber features a heated bubble tower (also known as an air saturator) which humidifies the compressed air en-route to the salt fog atomiser; in full compliance with international test standards. The air saturator can be topped up with water automatically; or by hand via the manual filler port, The chamber is supplied as standard with a 90L external salt water solution tank which is easier to fill and clean than an integral tank, Additional and larger capacity tanks available for reduced change over time on long-term testing, The all plastic atomiser has an integral filter in addition to a filter on the reservoir feed pipe to prevent salt crystal build-up blocking the outlet nozzle and disrupting the test Alpha+ Cabinets can be operated with a wet or dry base, Insulated non-transparent roof blanket; offering greater thermal efficiency available as an option,

SP models are equipped with an advanced control system featuring a peristaltic pump based salt water delivery system; coupled with a user adjustable precision speed controller, Ensures consistent fall-out of salt spray / fog on to the test samples; over longer term duration tests (240+ hours of continuous salt spray testing) especially if such testing is unattended

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