Specific Gravity CupsSpecific Gravity Cups

Specific Gravity Cups

A range of Pycnometers (also called pyknometers or density cups) for determining the specific gravity or density of coatings, pastes or similar liquids.

  • In accordance with DIN 53217; ISO 2811; BS 3900 A19.
  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel
  • Available in 37ml, 50ml or 100ml models
Ref: Density Cups

Pycnometer / Pyknometer - Ref: Density Cups


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Specific Gravity Cups used to determine the specific weight per unit volume of a liquid at a given temperature. These specific gravity cups are precision machined to a known internal volume. The pycnometer is filled with the sample to be measured, capped and weighed using precision balances. The sample mass at a known temperature can then be used to calculate its density. Made from stainless steel, the cup is used for determining the specific weight of paints and similar products. A tolerance of 0.1% is guaranteed. Testing is carried out in accordance with ISO at 23±2°C. This gravity cup consists of a cylindrical container and cover with a hole to allow any excess Paint (or Ink) to be removed when the cup cover is fitted tightly. This also ensures that no air bubbles are being trapped. T01-60801  T01-60865  T01-60860

  • Relevant Standards: DIN 53217; ISO 2811; BS 3900 A19.
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Available in 37ml, 50ml or 100ml

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