fineness of grindfineness of grind

Grindometers (fineness of grind)

Grindometers or Fineness of Grind Gauges are precision instruments to determine the particle size of many materials like paints, lacquers, pigments, filler, ingredients etc.

In accordance with ISO 1524, ASTM D3333, ASTM D1210, ASTM D1316, DIN En21524

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Grindometers (also known as Grind Gauges), consist of two metal troughs with numerical marks and are used to measure the fineness of grind during the manufacture of pigmented products including chocolates, paint and other similar products. It is a very useful tool as a guide to dispersion and the advantage of this method is that it takes only a matter of seconds to make an assessment, which is important during pigment grinding, yet produces numerical results which can be recorded and reproduced for comparison. The grindometer is used to gauge the particle size of suspensions, usually inks or paints. It is made up of a metal block with a channel of variable depth machined directly into it, beginning at a convenient depth for the special type of suspension to be gauged, and changing to shallower right until it finishes flush with the block's surface. The depth of the groove is scarred off on a regressive scale of measurement next to it. The suspension to be checked on is poured into the deep end of the groove and scratched in the direction of the low end with a flat steel scraper. At the point in which the range of the groove equates to the biggest particles in the suspension, problems will become noticeable The degree of dispersion is indicated in Microns (µm) or Hegman (H) , The Hegman scale ranges from 0 to 8 with numbers increasing as the particle size decreases. 0 Hegman =100 microns particle size 4 Hegman =50 microns particle size 8 Hegman =0 microns particle size T01-700210 T01-700200 T01-700201 T01-700202 T01-700213 T01-700212 T01-700203 T01-700204 T01-700205 T01-700206 T01-700207 T01-700208 T01-700209  

  • Relevant Standards: ISO 1524, ASTM D 3333, ASTM D 1210, ASTM D 1316, DIN EN 21524
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Graduated in microns; thou; NS (Hegman)
  • Tolerance of ±2µm

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