Portable pH & Conductivity Meter

Portable meter with interchangeable probes for pH and conductivity

Ref: T01-60857

Portable pH & Conductivity Meter - Ref: T01-60857


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This portable meter is supplied with two interchangeable probes, one pH electrode and one conductivity electrode, which are automatically identified once attached to the meter. This dual operation makes it the most cost-effective solution for pH & Conductivity dual requirements. Standard kit includes: 1 x  Ph & Conductivity meter 1 x  Plastic conductivity electrode 1 x  Plastic pH/ATC three-in-one combined electrode 1 x 50ml of conductivity standard solution (1,413 µS/cm) 3 x 50ml pH standard buffer solution (pH4.00, pH7.00 and pH10.01) 2 x Spare AA batteries

  • Built in microprocessor with advanced functions such as automatic calibration, automatic temperature compensation, data storage, function set and self-diagnosis, automatic power off and low voltage display
  • Automatic identification of 13 pH standard calibration solutions
  • Automatic identification of 8 conductivity standard calibration solutions
  • Conductivity electrodes of constant K=1
  • Able to switch between conductivity; Total Dissolved Solids (TDS); salinity and resistivity
  • Multinomial calculation for TDS and salinity to ensure the conversion precision of the full scale
  • Conductivity measurement mode has the function of non-linear temperature compensation for high purity water
  • Plastic conductivity electrode with automatic temperature compensation
  • Able to set pH measurement modes of pure water with ammonia
  • Can store up to 200 sets of data including series number; measured value; measured unit and temperature
  • Meets IP57 rating
  • Comes with calibration solution and carry case

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