Temperature TrackerTemperature Tracker

Temperature Tracker

Temperature Tracker comprising Oven Datalogger, analysis software and insulated case.

Suitable for for industrial oven and laboratory oven temperature profiling.

Ref: Temperature Tracker

Temperature Tracker - Ref: Temperature Tracker


Delivery 1-2 weeks

The Temperature Tracker is a simple and user-friendly device, which users can familiarise themselves with quickly and easily. Ideally suited for industrial oven and laboratory oven profiling. It is made up of an Oven datalogger, analysis software and an insulated box. Full user instructions are also provided. The oven datalogger is fitted with a large display for easy menu-driven operation and quick display of the measurement results. Analysis software: this is for analysis of the logged temperature data and creation of detailed reports. A high quality insulated box with an outer shield of high-grade stainless steel. The anodized aluminum inner box has a carefully formulated mixture of insulation material to enable prolonged high temp operation. Please see datasheet under "Documents" tab for full specifications of all available Temperature Tracker models

Accuracy: 0.5% (All Models)

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