Digital Cupping TesterDigital Cupping Tester

Digital Cupping Tester

Ascotts Digital Cupping Tester is used to evaluate the crack resistance and detachment of a coating, varnish or paint from the metal substrate, whilst the substrate is gradually deformed by indentation.

In accordance with ISO 1520, BS 3900 Part 4, DIN 53166 & DIN 53233

Ref: T01-700165

Digital Cupping Tester - Ref: T01-700165


Delivery 1-2 weeks

  • Relevant Standards: ISO 1520, BS 3900 Part 4, DIN 53166, DIN 53233
  • Automatic coordinate positioning system: memorises home position after being zeroed and track the punch's position automatically making it more stable
  • Precise position sensor: the minimum division value of the depression depth can reach 0.01mm
  • Suitable for every kind of substrate
  • Maximum pressure can reach 2500N
  • Includes 10X illuminated magnifier
  • Diameter of punch: 20mm
  • Maximum dent thickness: 12mm
  • Counter: digital display in 0.01mm increments
  • Dimension of test panel: 150mm×70mm ×0.03-1.25mm
  • Weight: 28Kg
  • Dimensions: 290×240×370mm (L×W×H)

The sample panel (max. 1.25 mm thick × 70 mm width, coated min.0.03m) is clamped by an upper wheel and manually cupped by a Ø 20mm hemispherical indenter onto a Ø 27mm die by a drive wheel. The depth to cause failure is indicated on a precise digital display. The results can be easily observed with an illuminated magnifier.

Digital Cupping Tester