Manual Adjustable Film ApplicatorManual Adjustable Film Applicator

Manual Adjustable Film Applicator

The blade of this applicator can be accurately adjusted by mean of 2 micrometric screws, from 0 to 3.5mm in 10µm increments.

Ref: Adjustable Applicators

Manual Adjustable Film Applicator - Ref: Adjustable Applicators


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Manual Adjustable Film Applicator with stainless steel blades, which are easily and quickly adjusted to the required setting, from 0 to 3.5mm in 10µm increments. Available in 4 blade widths from 50mm to 200mm Suitable for use with a wide range of substances such as paints, inks and varnishes etc , enabling a uniform layer of coating to be applied to the substrate and ensuring repeatable results across multiple tests. The Manual Adjustable Film Applicator is supplied with full instructions for use, cleaning and storage. Blade Width Options T01-700076 - 50mm T01-700077 - 100mm T01-700748 - 150mm T01-700749 - 200mm    

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