Automatic Scratch Tester

Automatic Scratch Testers for ISO 1518-1, BS 3900:E2 and ISO 1518-2


Automatic Scratch Tester - Ref: CUSTOM-SKU-81


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The Automatic Scratch Tester conforms to the latest ISO 1518 (Paints and varnishes - Determination of scratch resistance) which specifies a test method for determining under defined conditions the resistance of a single coating or a multi-coat system of paint, varnish or related product to penetration by scratching with a scratch stylus with a specified load. Penetration of the stylus is to the substrate, except in the case of a multi-coat system, in which case the stylus can penetrate either to the substrate or to an intermediate coat.

  • Relevant Standards: ISO 1518 , BS 3900:E2
  • Large working table that can be moved left and right- convenient for measuring different areas in the same panel
  • Special fixing device for samples that can test different size substrates
  • Audio Visual Alarm system for puncturing through sample panel
  • Durable Stylus

Automatic Scratch Tester from Ascott (ISO 1518-1 and BS 3900 E2)

Automatic Scratch Tester from Ascott (ISO 1518-2)