Mar Resistance TesterMar Resistance Tester

Mar Resistance Tester

Mar Resistance Tester tests the mar resistance of a single coating of a paint, varnish or related product, or the upper layer of a multi-coat system.

Relevant Standards: ISO 12137-2011, ASTM D 2197 and ASTM D 5178

Ref: T01-700029

Mar Resistance Tester - Ref: T01-700029


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Mar refers to blemish on the surface of a coating, extending over a particular area of the coating and visible due to the difference in the light-reflection properties of the area affected, compared with the light-reflection properties of adjacent areas. This Mar Resistance Tester conforms to the newest international standards ISO 12137-2011, ASTM D 2197and ASTM D 5178. It offers 100g to 5,000g loads to the test panel.

  • Relevant Standards: ISO 12137-2011, ASTM D 2197 and ASTM D 5178
  • Working speed can be adjusted from 0 mm/s~10 mm/s
  • Moveable working table convenient for measuring different areas in the same panel
  • Lifting balance arm allows testing on different thickness panels from 0mm~12mm
  • Loop-shaped Stylus: Chromium-plated steel rod of 1.6 mm diameter bent into a “U” shape with an outside radius of (3.25±0.05) mm hardness of Rockwell HRC56 to HRC58 and smooth surface (roughness ≤0.05 µm)
  • Weights: 1×100 gram 2×200 gram 1×500 gram 2×1000 gram 1×2000 gram
  • Stylus moving speed: 0 mm/s~10 mm/s (step:0.5mm/s)
  • Motor Power: 60W, Angle between stylus with test panels: 45°
  • Test panel Size: Less than 200 mm×100 mm (L×W) thickness less than 10mm

Mar Resistance Tester