Bresle Patch Test Kit

Bresle Patch Test Kit for measurement of water-soluble salts and corrosion products on blast-cleaned steel

Supplied in an industrial foam-filled Carrying Case with Bresle Patches (pack of 35); Conductivity Meter; 500ml Deionised Water 500ml; 5ml Syringe with Needle; Calibration Solution (14ml)Conditioning Solution (14ml) and 25ml Beaker

In accordance with ISO 8502-6 and ISO 8502-9

Ref: T01-30215

Bresle Patch Test - Ref: T01-30215


Accessories available

Delivery 3-4 working days

The Bresle Test will measure water-soluble salts and corrosion products on blast-cleaned steel. These compounds are almost colourless and are localized at the lowest point of the rust pits

  • Conductivity Meter Accuracy: ±2
  • Conductivity Meter range: 0–1999µS/cm
  • Conductivity Meter resolution: 1µS/cm
  • Storage: Do not expose the Bresle Patches to any extremes of temperature or daylight
  • Shelf Life: The only degeneration on the Bresle Patches is the adhesive if exposed to extremes of temperature-we would recommend that the Bresle Patches are used within a 12-month period from date of purchase

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