Soluble Salt Tester -3ml Grad. Syringe (10)Soluble Salt Tester -3ml Grad. Syringe (10)

Bresle Patch Test Syringes (pack 10)

The Bresle Syringes are for use with the Bresle Patches in the Bresle Patch Test.

Supplied in packs of 10 with Needles and Protective Cover.

Ref: T01-30223

Bresle Patch Test Syringes (pack 10) - Ref: T01-30223


Delivery 3-4 working days

Syringes (pack 10) for use with the Bresle Patch Test . The needles on the Syringes are blunt and are supplied with a protective cover,  Care must still be taken when carrying out the test. When using the Syringes ensure the work area is well lit, be aware of people around you and assess any hazards. Ensure the protective cap is placed over the needle after use. The syringe is used in the Bresle Patch Test as follows: Fill the Syringe with 2.5ml of Deionised Water from the Beaker and insert the Syringe needle at an angle of about 30° to the test surface near the outer edge of the Patch so it passes through the adhesive foam body and into the circular test chamber. Inject the Syringe contents ensuring that it wets the entire test surface, then without removing the Syringe needle from the Patch, suck the contents of the Patch back into the Syringe. Repeat until at least 10 injection–sucking cycles have been completed.

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