Dust Tape Test

The Dust Tape Test using the Dust Test Tape and Dust Test Comparator will allow you to assess the quantity and size of dust particles on blast-cleaned steel.

ISO 8502-3

Ref: T01-30465

Dust Tape Test - Ref: T01-30465


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  • Tape adhesion strength: 190nN/metre,
  • Tape width: 25mm (1”), Tape length: 60 metres,
  • Tape Storage: Do not expose the Tape to any extremes of temperature or daylight,
  • Tape Shelf Life: We would recommend that the Tape is used within a 12-month period from date of purchase,
  • Supplied in an industrial foam filled Carrying Case with Dust Test Tape (60m roll); Dust Test Comparator and X10 Illuminated Magnifier

Assesses the quantity and size of dust particles on steel surfaces prepared for painting.

Dust particles on blast-cleaned steel surfaces may reduce the adhesion of applied coatings, and by absorbing moisture may promote the corrosion of the steel surface.

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