Powder Inspection KitsPowder Inspection Kits

PosiTest® Powder Inspection Kits

Complete solutions for measuring powder coating before and after cure. Each kit contains the new PosiTest PC, two DeFelsko Powder Combs and a dry film thickness gauge

ASTM D7378

Ref: PosiTest® Powder Inspection Kits

PosiTest® Powder Inspection Kits - Ref: PosiTest® Powder Inspection Kits


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Complete Kits for Powder Inspection, complete with the PosiTest PC  Non-contact Uncured Powder Thickness Gauge

Affordably measures uncured powder coatings using non-contact ultrasonic technology to predict a cured thickness
  • Dedicated stand-alone unit is ready to measure right out of the box
  • Up to 4x faster measurement speed—ideal for moving lines and swinging parts
  • No calibration adjustment required for most powders
  • Storage of 999 readings with onscreen averaging. Stored readings can be downloaded to PosiSoft Desktop Software
  • Scan Mode continuously takes measurements—ideal for analyzing large areas
Conforms to ASTM D7378
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  • Range: 20 – 100 μm (0.8 – 4.0 mils)
  • Resolution: 1 μm (0.1 mil)
  • Accuracy: ±5 μm (± 0.2 mil)
  • Measurement Time: 1 – 3 seconds
  • Measurement Distance to Powder: 19 mm (0.75 inch)
  • Measurement Area: 2 mm (0.8 inch)
  • Size: 241 x 64 x 51 mm Weight: 180 g

PosiTest PC - Measuring Uncured Powder Coating Thickness