Muffle Kiln

High temperature Muffle Kiln -sizes from 2L – 30L  available


Muffle Kiln - Ref: CUSTOM-SKU-105


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The Muffle Kiln is used for chemical element analysis and high-temperature treatments  such as quenching, annealing and tempering of small castings. It can also be used for high-temperature heating processes, baking, dissolving and analyzing of metals, graphite and ceramics. Please note that due to the weight of this product, shipping charges will be advised following purchase

  • Door designed for safe and easy operation ensuring high-temperature hot gas will not escape
  • Inert gas inlet and outlet reserved in the chamber
  • Micro-computer PID Controller
  • Inside lining of fire-door and box panel are both made of stainless steel
  • Choice of refractory-brick or ceramic fibre lining
  • High performance door seal – minimising thermal loss

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