Multi Function High Speed DisperserMulti Function High Speed Disperser

Multifunction High Speed Disperser

This versatile dispersing instrument has a built in infrared thermometer, touch screen operation and many different dispersal blades are available as separate accessories.


Ref: T01-20656

Multifunction High Speed Disperser - Ref: T01-20656


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With a brushless motor for smooth and quiet operation, the Multifunction High Speed Disperser T01-20656 is operated by the intuitive touch screen menu.  The built in infrared probe allows for monitoring of samples throughout testing without disturbance. It has a timer function that ensures testing is stopped when the set time is reached. Samples are held in place securely by the integral clamp which is adjusted easily by the manual adjuster A wide variety of blades are available as separate accessories for the Multifunction High Speed Disperser along with containers designed for use with the disperser.  

  • Power:1000W(Brushless DC motor)
  • Adjustable Working Speed:200~6,000r/min
  • Lift Height:260mm
  • Overall Dimensions:450mm×450mm×700mm
  • Net Weight:40KG
  • Supplied with dispersing blades: one each of Φ50mm and Φ80mm

Multifunction High Speed Disperser