Testex Tape Coarse (50 impressions) 20-64µm (0.8-2.5mils)Testex Tape Coarse (50 impressions) 20-64µm (0.8-2.5mils)

Testex Tape Coarse (50 impressions) 20-64µm (0.8-2.5mils)

Testex Tape Coarse (50 impressions)


Ref: T01-30340

Testex Tape Coarse (50 impressions) 20-64µm (0.8-2.5mils) - Ref: T01-30340


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Testex Tape Coarse (50 impressions) The replica film in the Testex Replica Tape consists of a layer of crushable plastic microfilm coated onto a polyester substrate of a highly uniform thickness 50μm (2mil).  When compressed against a hard surface, the microfoam collapses to about 25% of its original thickness. During compression, the foam acquires an impression of the surface against which it is burnished.  The highest peaks on the test surface displace the fully compressed foam and come to rest against the polyester substrate.  The deepest valleys on the test surface create the highest peaks on the replica. This method measures an average maximum peak-to-valley profile.  The anvils of the Replica Tape Gauge flatten the replica profile slightly so that the reading equates to an average maximum value. Available in the following Testex Tape ranges:  Coarse 20–64μm and  X Coarse 40–115μm.

  • Relevant Standards: ISO 8503-5,  ASTM D4417 and NACE SP0287
  • Supplied in rolls of 50 impressions

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