Precise Dry Film Thickness Gauge

Dry Film Thickness Gauge  – choose from external/built in  Ferrous/Non Ferrous or Dual probes


Precise Dry Film Thickness Gauge - Ref: CUSTOM-SKU-131


Delivery 1-2 weeks

Using magnetic induction or Eddy current, this electronic gauge offers precision thickness measurement of non magnetic coatings such as paints, zinc etc. on steel (F: ferrous probe) , and insulating materials on non-ferrous substrates (FN: non-ferrous.) The gauge is available with either integral or external F, N or dual FN probes. The FN probe features automatic substrate recognition to simplify operation.

  • Min. measuring area:6mm2
  • Min. sample thickness:0.3mm
  • Metric/ imperial: Convertible
  • Power supply:4×1.5V AA Battery
  • Battery indicator: Low battery indicator
  • Operating conditions:0-40°C 10-90%RH
  • Dimensions:126×65×27mm Weight:81g,
  • All models come with Carry Case, User Manual, Calibration Foil Set and F/NF calibration base sets as appropriate

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