Viscosity Calibration Oils

500ml viscosity standard oils for calibration of Flow Cups and Viscometers


Viscosity Calibration Oils - Ref: CUSTOM-SKU-168


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We supply a series of different 500ml viscosity standard oils which are used for calibrating viscometers or flow cups. They are stable, hydrophobic and are damp-proof. They have good physical inertia and low surface tension, with a long shelf life. Each bottle of standard oil is supplied as standard with a calibration certificate report which calibrates kinetic viscosity (cP value) and kinematic viscosity (cSt value) N.B Tested at 25°C For each bottle of standard oil, the viscosity value should be taken as final by calibration certificate report. The period of validity for viscosity value of standard oil is one year, it should be recalibrated every year

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