Zahn Cups

Zahn Cups for kinematic viscosity measurement of liquids

In accordance with: ASTM D816, ASTM D1084,and ASTM D4212

Ref: Zahn Cups

Zahn Cups - Ref: Zahn Cups


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Zahn Cups can be used to quickly measure the kinematic viscosity of liquids such as Paint, Ink, Varnishes, Syrup and Oil. They are produced according to ASTM D 816, ASTM D 1084,and ASTM D 4212. The Stainless steel cups are precision moulded and the orifices are precision drilled using high-speed CNC drilling.

  • Relevant Standards: ASTM D 816, ASTM D 1084,and ASTM D 4212
  • Volume of Cup: 44ml
  • Length of Handle: 40±0.1mm
  • Height of Cup: 58±0.1mm
  • Measurement Temperature: 25°C ± 1°C

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