Dial Reading Rotary ViscometerDial Reading Rotary Viscometer

Dial Reading Rotary Viscometer

Dial Rotary Viscometer, for affordable, reliable viscosity testing

Ref: T01-700570

Dial Reading Rotary Viscometer - Ref: T01-700570


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Dial Reading Rotary Viscometer are used as an affordable solution for measuring viscosity friction and absolute viscosity of liquids. They have four rotors of NO.1-4 chosen in accordance with the viscosity of the liquid and the rotational speed required. They are widely used in many industries including textiles, food and petroleum chemistry.

  • Dimensions (Approx.):410 x 350 x 440mm
  • Weight(Approx.):8kg
  • Power Supply:220v/50hz
  • Accuracy:± 5% (Newtonian Fluids)
  • Rotors: 4
  • Rotation Speed: 6r/min; 12r/min; 30r/min and 60r/min

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