High-Temperature Intelligent Touch-screen ViscometerHigh-Temperature Intelligent Touch-screen Viscometer

High-Temperature Intelligent Touch-screen Viscometer

This high-temperature intelligent touch-screen viscometer comes with a heating device which can heat samples to a pre-defined temperature. It can be used to test hot-melt adhesive, asphalt, paraffin and hot polymer. Large clear display screen with intuitive icon driven menu


Ref: T01-700323

High-Temperature Intelligent Touch-screen Viscometer - Ref: T01-700323


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High-Temperature Intelligent Touch-screen Viscometer with a heating device- can be used to test hot adhesives, asphalt, paraffin and polymers The temperature range is 10-250° C and the built in heater can maintain the temperature constantly with an accuracy of 0.1° C ■ Measurement Range (mPa.s):two ranges as below: ① For medium viscosity sample:50-10M (mPa•s/cP) ② For low viscosity sample:5-1M (mPa•s/cP) ■ Rotors :SC4-21#,27#,28#,29# four spindles; Optional: SC4-14, 15, 16, 18, 25, 31, 34 ■ Rotational Speed:0.1 – 200 RPM (stepless speed) ■ Measurement Accuracy: ±1.0 % (of the full range) ■ Repeatability:0.2 % (of the full range) ■ Thermosal Temperature RangeRT+10℃~250℃ (precision 0.1℃) ■ Electrical Power:110V&220V/50Hz&60Hz T01-700323

  • Large 7 inch HD screen
  • Powerful interface with intuitive menu icons for easy operation
  • Anti-static outer shell
  • Simple operation for temperature control-sample, container is thermally insulated and is temperature controlled
  • ARM chip processor
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Supports external storage: single point; continuous and timing data
  • Can be calibrated by user, temperature and viscosity correction factors are password protected
  • Can measure viscosity using infinitely variable rotor speed - input any speed and the instrument will display the maximum measuring range under different rotors
  • Convert easily between various viscosity units - dynamic viscosity converts to kinematic viscosity automatically
  • Supplied with detailed instruction manual

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