Intelligent Touch-Screen Rotary Viscometer (Basic)

Digital Touch Screen Rotary Viscometers with multiple sampling function

Ref: Basic Viscometer

Intelligent Touch-Screen Rotary Viscometer (Basic) - Ref: Basic Viscometer


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These intelligent touch-screen rotational viscometers have a 5 inch touch screen with powerful HMI, They are easy to use and can show many testing parameters. These viscometers use a MCS-51 microcontroller to control the constant rotational speed and the whole testing process. Viscosity testing stops automatically when finished and the test results are displayed on screen. ■ Rotors:Four rotors---No.1,No.2,No.3,No.4 ■ Measuring Range: T01-700571---10~100,000(105)mPa.s T01-700572---10~2,000,000(106)mPa.s ■ Rotate Speed:  T01-700571---6r/min, 12r/min, 30r/min, 60r/min T01-700572---0.3 r/min, 0.6 r/min, 1.5 r/min, 3r/min, 6r/min, 12r/min, 30r/min, 60r/min ■ Measurement Precision: ±1.0 % of full range(Newtonian fluids) ■ Measurement Repeatablity: ±0.5 % of full range(Newtonian fluids) ■ Electrical Power:220V/50Hz ■ Weight:10KG ■ Dimensions:308mm×300mm×450mm(L×W×H)

  • Compact precise and stable
  • Enables multiple sampling in one rotation
  • Consistent results for thixotropic Non-Newton fluids
  • Full colour 5-inch HD touch screen displays viscosity; speed; torque percentage and max. measurement range under current rotor and speed
  • Displays continuous change of viscosity and alarm signals for over measuring range
  • Linear calibration to full range by computer
  • Measurement precision is ±1.0% of full range
  • Simple conversion between various viscosity units -dynamic viscosity converts to kinematic viscosity automatically
  • Supplied with a detailed user instruction manual and correction function for viscosity coefficient
  • Calibrated by user,
  • Supplied with RTD (PT100) temperature sensor to monitor sample temperature in real time
  • Supplied with RS 232 interface for printer connection

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