Table Conductivity Meter

Ref: T01-60851

Table Conductivity Meter - Ref: T01-60851


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Table mounted conductivity meter with large back lit LCD screen which displays conductivity temperature values,with manual or automatic temperature compensation. There are four types of electrodes for conduction cell constant: 0.01,0.1,1.0 and 10.0cm-1 . It also allows for automatic switching measuring frequency, measuring ultrapure water with using K=0.01cm-1 titanium alloy electrode and sealing measuring cell.

  • Conductivity Range: 0.001-2×105µS/cm (1000MΩ-5Ω)
  • Display: 3 +1/2 LCD
  • Resolution: 0.05% of Full Scale
  • Accuracy: ± 1% Full Scale + 1 bit
  • Stability: ±0.67% Full Scale + 1 bit/24h
  • Temperature Compensation Range: 10-40 °C (standard temperature: 25°C)
  • Tested sample Temperature Range: 50-60 °C

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