Minimum Film-Forming Temperature (MFFT) Tester

Minimum Film-Forming Temperature (MFFT) Tester for evaluation of film forming properties of coatings

Relevant Standards: ISO 2115, ASTM 2354

Ref: T01-700604

Minimum Film-Forming Temperature (MFFT) Tester - Ref: T01-700604


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Minimum Film-Forming Temperature (MFFT) Tester allows for accurate measurement of: White Point Temperature: The dividing temperature when non-transparent film changes to transparent film. Minimum Film-forming Temperature: The lowest temperature when forming continuous, uniform and non cracking film (Generally speaking, White Point Temperature is several degrees lower than MFFT) High precision digital temperature sensors, ensure the temperature error is less than 0.1℃ Comes with  a chiller unit and also has Dry Air Generator to ensure samples can dry completely and eliminate the effects of humidity on test results It has a removable scale (with illumination) and16 high temperature sensors    

  • Relevant Standards: ISO 2115, ASTM 2354
  • Working temperature range of gradient platen: -10℃~+60℃(When cooled by tap water)
  •  Number of inspection points of gradient platen: 16 points
  • Interval distance of gradient: 20mm
  • Test channels: 6 pcs (width is 22mm)
  •  Gradient platen size: 447mm ×210 mm
  • Power Supply: 220V/50Hz AC wide voltage (three-phase supply with good earth)
  • Tester Size: 528 mm × 430 mm × 194 mm
  •  Chiller Size: 560 mm × 240 mm × 200 mm
  • Dry Air Generator: 555 mm ×255 mm × 525 mm
  • Net Weight: 25 KG (Excludes Chiller and Dry Air Generator)
  • Power: 750W

Minimum Film Forming Temperature (MMFT) Tester