Formed RodsFormed Rods

Formed Rods

Formed Rods For ultra thin film applications, a more accurate method than traditional wire bar coaters.

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Ref: Formed Rods

Formed Rods - Ref: Formed Rods


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Traditional wire bar coaters are not suitable for ultra-thin coating, in addition to this, the fine wire on the surface can be easily broken, and they can be difficult to clean. To overcome these issues, we recommend Wire Formed Rods. These rods are precision moulded with a cold extrusion technique making the curve on its surface. Please note the Holder (available as an accessory) is only suitable for use with the 240mm length rods We offer regular (Coating width 200mm, Length 240mm) and Extended (Coating width 300mm, Length 400mm) Rods To see all available options, please see datasheet under "Documents" tab or refer to the product drop-down menu.

  • CNC machined with precision moulding; the deviation of the groove depth and space is lower than 2µm,giving a uniform film application
  • Long lasting due to strength of rod
  • Smooth curved surface makes the rod easier to clean
  • Ultra-thin coating capability

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