Advanced Krebs Stormer Viscometer

The Advanced Digital Krebs Viscometer is used widely for making viscosity measurements on paints/coatings in accordance with ASTM D562.

Digital version with constant speed motor rotating at 200 r.p.m to produce greater accuracy and repeatable test results.

Displays in KU (Krebs) mPa.s (Cp) G (Grams) and ºC (Temperature) simultaneously

Ref: T01-700335

Advanced Krebs Stormer Viscometer - Ref: T01-700335


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Based on the popular traditional KREBS method, using a weight-driven rotating paddle to sense the paint viscosity at a constant 200 rpm, this modern digital instrument provides automated motor operation, without weights & pulley, allowing accurate direct reading in KU (Krebs units)or g (gram). The conversion between these units is automatically calculated by the microprocessor and displayed on request. Sturdy construction allows for use either in a production environment or in the laboratory. ■ Range:40.2KU~141.0KU(27-5250 cP) ■ Accuracy:±1.0% of full scale range ■ Repeatability:±0.5% of full scale range ■ Paddle Speed:200r/min±0.5r/min ■ Overall Dimensions:210mm×180mm×500mm(length by width by height ) ■ Package Size:560mm×450mm×280mm ■ Package Weight:9.2 KG

  • The same standard key features as the standard Krebs Viscometer (model ref T01-700334) but with additional advanced key features
  • Relevant Standards: ASTM D562
  • Displays in KU (Krebs) mPa.s (Cp) G (Grams) and ºC (Temperature) simultaneously
  • Built in infrared thermometer sensor
  • Large LCD display
  • Supplied with an RS 232 communication port
  • Self-protection function under over range
  • Magnetic rotor enables rapid installing; dismantling or cleaning
  • Supplied as standard with a calibration certificate

Advanced Krebs Stormer Viscometer